This is an actual posting from a student:
images“Ok, so basically I go to school, and I cracked my laptop screen, in our school we get laptops which we take home and do homework on, and we use them in class too. And I broke my laptop screen by putting an ice lolly stick between the keyboard and the screen and slamming it shut, yes it was a stupid thing to do, and I won’t do it again, if I say I did that, I get a detention, and I don’t want one, so therefore, I need a good excuse why it cracked, so it wasn’t my fault and I won’t get a detention.”


Hey, it happens.  You get upset or are in a hurry and “bam” you’ve slammed your laptop shut too hard or placed something like a piece of paper with a paper clip inside of it before you slammed it.  Now your laptop won’t start up and the screen is cracked to boot!  Well, we are here to help.

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
Co-Owner and founder of Credo Technology Group, LLC, Eric has been working with computers since the mid 80's and enjoys helping people become free of their technological stress.

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