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I have been a client of Alejandro Sabogal for a few years and each contact with him has been informative and extremely pleasant! It is unusual to be able to call on an expert in any field and have them answer the phone. Alejandro always does and is always busy when one calls but he will return your call as soon as he us free to do so. There have been occasions when I have called early in the morning finding that my computer had been hacked and Alejandro immediately resolved the problem. I have learnt much from Alejandro.I have a lot to learn about computers and am grateful to Alejandro for his gentle and patient explanations which gave increased my understanding. It has been my experience that whenever I gave had the need to call Credo,anyone answering the phone is able to resolve any questions you have and should you need service at your home or business,there is no time delay. I really feel that the consultation charges are reasonable too! All in all,I would not hesitate to recommend Alejandro and Credo Computers to anyone looking for knowledgeable and efficient computer experts.

Valerie Venegoni of Reno, NV  December, 2013

Alejandro - our IT guy is the best IT person I have ever worked with period. I have worked with IT people since the early 90's. Alejandro is easy to get hold of, he's there on a problem same day or next day almost every time. He is knowledgeable over such a broad range of IT and even IT related periphery issues- like I have never experienced before - and he's a very pleasant person and easy to work with. This company has their stuff together - we highly recommend them.

Karlon Kidder of Reno, NV  December, 2013

Same day appointments make it easy for our office to run smoothly. It is reassuring to know that if anything happens to our computers Alejandro and the team at Credo Technology will be there to help us. Very personable employees who are dedicated to addressing all computer repair needs.

Finley Center of Reno, NV  December, 2013

Credo, and particularly our experience with Alejandro was excellent. He is multi-tallented, putting in a whole house audio system, surround sound, networking, as well as assisting us with hardware and software with our computers. He worked with us to help determine what we needed, and then acted accordingly. He did this all at a very reasonable cost. We are pleased to recommend Alejandro, and Credo for your Technological needs. Brad Kaune, Project-Services

Brad Kaune of Reno, NV  December, 2013

It is been a great experience, I have received expert help to develop my website that now is running without problems, I've also received technical support and maintenance on my computers, networks, software, hardware, etc. They return my phone calls very quickly and resolve any problem I might have. Good and reliable service at an affordable cost. It has being a pleasure to work with Alejandro and [Credo].

Mario DelaRosa of Reno, NV  December, 2013

Credooooo!!! Love these guys. Anytime I have issues they are quick to help. They come to my house, office or my client's office. I am so excited to finally have a great techy guy to come to my rescue!! Oh and my guy is fun too! One more note, very affordable.

Kathleen Hilton of Reno, NV  December, 2013

Estoy muy satisfecha por la calidad del servicio proporcionado por Alejandro y su gente en la oficina de Credo, cada vez que he necesitado asistencia para mi computador y conexion wireless con los juegos de mi esposo y mis hijos. su amabilidad y profesionalismo son excepcionales. Los recomendaria sin duda alguna. - I am very satisfied with the quality of service provided by Alejandro and his people in the office. Credo, whenever I needed support for my computer and wireless connection with games for my husband and my children. Their kindness and professionalism are outstanding. Would recommend without a doubt.

JulioAbi Lopez of Reno, NV  December, 2013

Eric and Alejandro are the absolute best!!! I have used them twice already and have been telling everyone how great they are. I am a small business and I can't go without my computer. The first time I had a problem with my monitor. Eric told me how to fix it over the telephone. That's great service and I didn't hesitate to call again when I switched to a new router and my printer wouldn't work. Alejandro came and fixed it in a couple of seconds. I also have an old printer that works great but somehow I lost the cord. Yes, I am blonde!! Alejandro e-mailed me all the information and website to order it from. I can't say enough about them. Just so nice, smart, and polite.

Sheryl Dembeck of Reno, NV  December, 2013

Our company has trusted Credo Technology with our IT needs for many years. Alejandro has always made himself available and can perform miracles on even the most sensitive programs.His team always demonstrates great customer service skills and are very talented in their repair work. There has yet to be a problem too big for Credo. Thanks again!

Action Lawn and Landscape of Reno, NV  December 13, 2013

Very professional service, and nice customer treatment . Definitely, I advice to go there in case of computer troubles.

Guadalupe P. of Reno, NV  December 9, 2013

The team at Credo helped me quickly and did such a great job cleaning and protecting my computer. I get so frustrated by computer issues and shady repair shops that I've had experience with in the past. Credo is 100% professional and I felt they knew what they were doing. Also, they explained to me what they did and how to keep my computer safe. It might have been an easy task for them, but it was hell for me.

Claudia C. of Reno, NV  December 6, 2013

Credo has been a great support to our preschool. No problem is too big or question is too little. They are always friendly and have come to the rescue when problems arise. I highly recommend them for any computer questions or issues that might come up.

Jane R. of Reno, NV  December 2, 2013

Eric and Alejandro and Credo Technology are the best of the best. I have called upon them many times when my computer was having issues. They were quick to respond, very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. They even followed up with me to make sure things were running smoothly! I love these guys!

Mary-Ann Andrews Merrett of Reno, NV  November, 2013

Credo Technology Group has done so much for our business. Every time we have issues, they are always willing to solve the problem right then and there. They always make us feel like their first priority! Thank you so much for all you guys do, we gratefully appreciate it!

Lindsey Ashlock of Reno, NV  November, 2013

Credo Technology has help us here at the Alzheimer's Association immensely. They are always accommodating and really care about their customers. We've had the pleasure of working with both Eric and Alejandro and cannot express our gratitude for their service and wonderful customer service. I've even used them for my personal technology updates and have no complaints. I have recommended them to all the people I know. Thank you for all you do.

Dori Ward of Reno, NV  November, 2013

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Company!!! As a small business owner who has to have a computer to run, any minute problem and I can't function. They are right there always to help me at the drop of a hat! Thank you Alejandro and your team for being sooooo incredibly helpful!!

Malaika Heinbaugh of Reno, NV  November, 2013

Credo Computer Repair and Services has helped me twice now and I recommend it highly. The owner, Eric Johnson, and associates are patient, honest and competent. Prices are reasonable to low. Their advice is spot on and the service is quick. They deserve the highest rating.

Ruth Jaeger of Reno, NV  November, 2013

Alejandro and Eric have been wonderful to work with - when we have an urgent issue, they always are available to fix the problem, and are excellent in explaining alternatives when decisions are needed on how to run our system.

Marion Hose of Reno, NV  November, 2013

I don't know how I would have made it through to the next day without the technical expertise of Allijandro [Alejandro]? Always quick to respond and resolve any issues and works quickly and diligently. Mahalo!! Trudy Vella

Trudy Vella of Reno, NV  November, 2013

My son first told me about Credo when I needed computer repairs. What a find !!!! Very refreshing to find a small boutique style business with state of the art skills.I took a chance and have been sold on their abilities to solve almost any problem or website needs.This best kept secret will be out soon.

Mark B. of Incline Village, NV  November 7, 2013

This company has been more than faithful, trustworthy and on time! we highly recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors.

Richard Wood of Reno, NV  October, 2013

These folks are awesome. Great communication, very knowledgeable and very good pricing. Don't make the mistake of taking your computer to the chain stores!

Nick D. of Sparks, NV  August 21, 2013

My computer had been acting up for about a month. I finally had the time to take it in. Credo said they would get back to me within 48 hours and they did. They found all the viruses. The entire team is professional, helpful and very nice to work. I recommend them to everyone I know. It's nice to have a local company you can go to and not some big corporation. Thank you .

Diane H. of Sparks, NV  August 12, 2013

I needed a computer repair service in Reno, as I was flying in from out of town. I found Credo via good reviews here on Yelp, and I am very happy that I went there. I needed a simple job done but I just didn't have the time/mental capacity to do it myself. The service was fast, everyone was very friendly and personable, and the job got done beyond what I had been hoping for. Thanks Credo!

Stephanie J. of Craig, AK  August 9, 2013

Eric and his team are great. I have a teenage son so you can imagine how junked up my computer got. Eric cleaned up in great time and now it works like new. The price was also very reasonable.

Charles Tyler Clay. of Reno, NV  August 8, 2013

These guys are the BEST! I won't take my computers anywhere else from now on. They are professional, over-the-top helpful, very thorough, and personable. They did a tune-up on my 7 year old boat anchor of a Gateway laptop; removed 2 viruses, backed up my files to free up memory which sped it up significantly, took off the USELESS McAfee anti-virus protection I had on there and put on a protection program that actually works (Comodo). It's like having a new computer for such a low cost! Thanks Alex C., you're awesome!

BadgerGal B. of Sparks, NV  July 17, 2013

You won't find a better place in Reno/Sparks to take your computer for repairs. I took my laptop in to them for a third opinion after going to 2 other shops and being told that I would need a new motherboard installed which would have been very expensive. The guys at Credo took a look at it and told me that I didn't need a new motherboard and that I just had something loose in the laptop. They got it taken care of in less than 24 hours at a fraction of what it would've cost me to have it repaired at the other places. This was 4 months ago and my laptop (that I am typing this on) hasn't had any problems.

Chris D. of Reno, NV  July 12, 2013

I have used Credo computers several times over the last few years for keeping my 5 year old laptop running like new. Eric & Jillian also created my website and have helped me with adds on Facebook and Google. They are always fair and affordable and quick. I would highly recommend them for all of your IT needs.

Wes F. of Sun Valley, NV  April 30, 2013

In the middle of my dissertation when my computer became infected with a malicious virus. Had no idea where to take my computer so I went to trusty Yelp and found Credo Tech Group! I called, they told me to come right over and they would do everything they could to have it fixed by closing that day. They did exactly what they said they would do...found the problem and fixed within 3.5 hours! Very knowledgeable, friendly and exemplary customer service!! Thank you Alex and Eric:-)

Bright S. of Mt Shasta, CA  June 27, 2013

I recently took my defunct computer hard drive to Credo to see if they possibly could recover any data for me. They did their best, but determined that the drive was dead and the info could not be recovered. I fully expected to pay a fee for their time and effort, but was told that there would be no charge. This type of customer service is not common in this day and age, and I have a great deal of respect for Eric, Alex, and their company. Should I need help in the future, I will be back to Credo without hesitation!

Grant M. of Sparks, NV  June 19, 2013

I live in LA and have a father in-law in Reno that has asked me for tech support for years. Credo responded faster than any other service provider in the Reno area and was luckily able to respond same day! Here is my father in-laws report -He spent about 30 minutes & gave me a break on his standard fee. Nice guy. Very competent, but I will miss my prior tech support guy (he's speaking of me) I am up & running & can go to him on future problems.Thanks for taking the time last night & this morning finding tech support.-

Steve B. of Malibu, CA  May 21, 2013

Absolutely the best computer repair you could possibly hope for!!!

Tom B. of Reno, NV  May 17, 2013

Credo did an awesome job fixing my laptop. Some program hijacked the browser and not only did they fix that they tuned it up as well. They're not only friendly and helpful but the price was more than fair. We recommend Credo to all our friends.

Nadine M. of Reno, NV  April 30, 2013

Excellent job! My computer died while on vacation. I was able to get it in, and serviced in the same day. Very affordable. Personable staff, which is a rare find these days! Credo has my business for good!

April W. of Sparks, NV  April 15, 2013

While traveling, I decided to have my damaged laptop keyboard replaced. I was quite impressed with Credo Computer Repair, they ordered the correct product without my needing to show them my laptop, and a few days later they installed it while I was out hiking, just like they had promised. Everyone was courteous and helpful, and the technician even cleaned and vacuumed the insides of my computer without my asking. I found their prices fair and would certainly recommend this company to others needing computer repairs.

Melissa S. of Reno, NV  April, 2013

I have been using Alejandro of Credo Computers for a few years now. He is extremely knowledgeable about his business, quick to respond, and always with better results than expected. One incident I had was problems with was an internet with a company I use, they said they resolved the problem with more equipment and extra monthly charges. With a quick description of the problem Alejandro knew exactly what the problem was, resolved the issue which equates to monthly savings on my internet bill. Courteous, kind, honest. This is the kind of service you can trust.

Tamara Wood of Reno, NV  April, 2013

I don't write many reviews, but felt compelled to provide an excellent rating for Credo. My Dell desktop completely quit working, I read excellent reviews on Yelp, so thought I'd give Credo a try. I was greeted by Eric as soon as I arrived. He was busy but took the time to give my computer a quick check. The power supply was OK so he determined that the problem was the motherboard. Fortunately the only problem was a layer of dust. After the dust was removed, it worked perfectly and I was on my way after only about 20 minutes, for a nominal charge. I can't imagine going anywhere else for help with my computer in the future!

Len T of Reno  Mar 21, 2013

This is a great local company. They do awesome work for a fair price. I highly recommend!

Jim B. of Enhanced Electrical Services, LLC of Reno, NV  Mar 1, 2013

They did a great job on my Dell laptop. I thought the thing was toast. It had a bad virus, it ran slow & gave me 20 errors when I booted it up. I gave it to them Friday - they worked all weekend and by Monday it was working like a brand new computer. It works better than it did when I bought it. They had all the software I needed and they guaranteed their work. I would recommend them to anyone who wants the best quality work without going broke.

Alex S. of Sparks, NV  Mar 1, 2013

Eric at Credo goes far beyond the expectations you would normally have for a computer guy. He has fixed several of our computers in half the time he estimated, and only charged us for the time he worked. Thank you so much, Credo.

Matt W. of Reno, NV  Feb 23, 2013

Credo Computers has been such an asset to my business. I have a small bookkeeping business and although I use a variety of software and technology, it's not my thing, but I need it. Alex [Alejandro] has fixed problems, created solutions and has always done it efficiently and professionally. I give this company an excellent rating and recommend that if you need IT support do not hesitate to call on Credo Computers.

Terri M. of Reno, NV  Jan 30, 2013

My daughters laptop crashed during finals, Eric to the rescue! He was able to capture her files and transfer to a new laptop (Merry Christmas) for her just in time . He put a new hard drive in the old one and shipped it to me (handme down). Their work and service are what a parent or student would hope for. Fair and honest. Will reccomend and repeat!!!

Tommy D. of Santa Cruz, NV  Jan 3, 2013

This guys keep my system running and are very cost effective, honest and easy going!

Javier C. of Sparks, NV  Dec 12, 2012

Erik got our home office pc running and running well. He did his best to get us the best deal on parts and his labor rate was more than reasonable. In the end, it was fixed promptly and he even came in on a weekend so we could pick it up asvsoon as possible. We will be returning to Credo the next time we have a problem.

Sam E. of Reno, NV  Dec 8, 2012

Credo Computer Repair provides our computer support quickly and efficiently. They are professional and so helpful with helping me understand how and why this I.T. stuff works, without over complicating it. Their pricing is very reasonable and they are honest about what is needed and what is not. Thanks guys!

Monica P. of Reno, NV  Nov 5, 2012

Alejandro and Eric at Credo Computer repair are nothing short of amazing. I have a small Fingerprinting business in Reno and had spent thousands of dollars with another I.T. company to set up our network. Come to find out the other guys set up our I.T. to fault so I would have to keep calling them to come fix it. I realized this years later and couldn't believe anyone would do that! I read all the positive reviews about Credo Computer repair and called them to see if they could help us. They come immediately when we call them, they are so helpful and nice. They don't try to up sell products and services I don't need. They fix our problem correctly the first time! These are stand up guys that deserve your business. They are literally good guys and I highly recommend.

Becky R of Reno, NV  Nov 5, 2012

I happened to see the YELP reviews for Credo Computer Repair while looking up the hours of a competitor. The company I had been interested in trying had received unfavorable comments and I was pleased to see that Credo had only 5 star rankings and with positively glowing reviews. His stellar ranking is well deserved. He is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable and helpful business owners I've ever met. He immediately diagnosed my problem, knew where to order the part I needed at a fraction of the cost of other websites, and my computer is up and running again. In addition, he gave me advice on power surge strips, battery back-ups, exterior hard drives, and what to look for when I next buy a computer. To top it off he is extremely affordable. I have been to two other repair shops and was far from pleased with either of them. I am so pleased that I now have a computer repairman who is trustworthy, honest, and reasonably priced. Credo receives my very highest recommendation. Thank you Eric.

Sandra J. of Reno, NV  July, 2012

I found Credo Computers when I had stupidly gave out some information to a scammer who said he was from microsoft. Of course this was a Saturday; Eric at Credo was the only one who answered out of the several computer services I called. I had used the people at Best Buy when I needed a virus removed a year or so ago, but was unsatisfied with their service. Eric is knowledgeable, and didn't make me feel like the idiot I was. Despite having an up-to-date Kapersky Anti-virus i had more than one virus and a Trojan Horse. Eric was able to fix all my computer issues within a couple of days. I totally recomend him to anyone who has a computer issue.

Pat L of Reno, NV  July 18, 2012

Eric Johnson fixed my macs screen and keyboard fast and really cheap. Gives student discount of 10%. He was the nicest repair man to work with!

Sarah W of Reno, NV  July 15, 2012

A few days ago after finding out that Apple would not help me out with an issue with my 27 inch iMac (mid 2010), I did something very, very dumb. I tried to take the computer apart myself after watching a few how to videos on Youtube. It's not as easy as it looks. I crippled my machine by doing this. I was sick to my stomach and knew that Apple would probably end up charging me as much as a new computer cost, and I would have to be without my computer for a while. So I did a Google search and found Credo Computer Repair. I emailed Eric at around 9:00PM on Sunday night, woke up at 4:00AM and he had already responded telling me to bring my computer in so he could look at it. I got off work on Monday (July 16th) and took it down to him at around 5:00PM. He said he would have his partner look at and give me a call in a day or two and let me know how much damage I did. One business day later I got a call and Eric told me my computer was done, and I could come pick it up. He charged me much, much less then I thought I was going to be charged and did an outstanding job. These guys are true professionals. I am very grateful that I took my computer down to these guys vs. letting Apple price gouge me into a new computer. Thank You again Credo Computer for what you did for me, I am very grateful.

John R. of Reno, NV  June 18, 2012

Eric is amazing! He has helped me numerous times with my computer problems. He is a true professional and is always able to solve my issues in a timely manner at a reasonable price. The first time I worked with him my computer had a terrible virus. He was able to fix my computer and provided a number of preventative measures to ensure that it would never happen again! You can expect great service from a genuinely nice and caring individual.

Dana W. of Reno, NV  Mar 25, 2012

My experience with Credo Computers far exceeded my expectations, even after being referred through glowing word-of-mouth reviews. Eric is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and efficient. It's clear that his concern for customers is genuine and that their satisfaction is his number one priority. Service is provided prompty and at very reasonable rates. Highly recommended!

Lori S. of Reno, NV  Mar 21, 2012

Every time I bring my computer to Credo, the services that are performed are very efficient and leave me feeling very optimistic about returning. As I am a frequent computer user, I am very happy of my computer's upgraded performance and remarkable stability. Thanks Credo! Keep up the good work guys!!

Russel S of Reno, NV  Mar 19, 2012

Hi, I am a customer of Eric's computer business and I enjoyed the friendly service and expertise that he had to offer. Compared to most computer repair places he is the real deal. He tells the customer what is wrong with the computer and that is it. No sales attached or no bull. If you have any problems with your computer this guy will take care of it. Thanks Eric.

Christopher B. of Sparks, NV  NMar 18, 2012

Eric Johnson is a REAL craftsman and an honest business man. This is so difficult to find these days. Even better, his office is at a business co-op in south Reno, where other entrepreneurs run their small businesses. Going to the office is fun, for you see small business at work. [OWNER EDIT: We've moved to our own store front. 385 Freeport Blvd #1, Sparks, NV.] He took my laptop apart right in front of me in order to fix the cracked screen. It was scary to actually see how they make the sausages, but he assured me that he would find the right part and get it fixed. He did, and for an excellent price. For any computer issues, I highly recommend him!

Jo'el R. of Reno, NV  Mar 18, 2012

I have had occasion to use Credo Computer, and I am from Canada. The first time, I had just taken my computer in to a Toronto computer shop to have windows re-installed, and when it came back, I could not make heads nor tails of it. In a panic, I searched the net and was lucky enough to find Credo Computer repair. Crazy as it seem's, it was in Reno Nevada! I get this guy Eric, who remotely enters my computer and fixes all of the issues I was struggling with, and for a most reasonable fee. In fact for half what I paid the local computer place. Today, I had another problem, that I caused myself because of my ineptitude with downloading programs. I thought it would be a simple fix, and emailed Eric from Credo right away. It turned out taking a lot longer because apparently, I had viruses in my computer. I didn't know the difference between a virus and Malware - but he spent a while inside my computer - and fixed everything. I am so impressed with their services, that I am recommending them to all of my Canadian friends. Distance does not appear to be a factor, due to the ability to enter remotely; the pricing is great - they have a good sense of humour - which is imperative when you are freaking out about your computer - and in short - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. They go above and beyond! For my part, I thank you! Bonnie Boden President BB Productions

Bonnie B. of Toronto, Canada  Nov 5, 2012

I found Eric by luck when searching for an IT tech. He is very honest and takes customer service seriously. When I needed a quick hardware upgrade he provided suggestions for parts and considered my budget. His response time was very quick and work was completed just as promised. He is a very knowledgeable gentleman and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any IT issues.

Steven L. of Reno, NV  Feb 20, 2012

All other reviews were spot on! I would highly recommend going to see Eric. He's a very knowledgeable guy with lots of experience and you can tell he truly cares about the service he delivers! Will be using his services from now on!

Darkemeth of Reno, NV  Feb 14, 2012

Eric at Credo Computer Repair and Services has helped me fix my Laptops and home PCs 3 times in the past 12 months, each time a different computer. He came to our home and picked up the computer and returned it repaired the next day. I've emailed him and called twice on the weekends (even a Sunday) and each time he responded within 15 minutes.. As a sales/marketing/CS professional for 25+ years, I can honestly say that Eric's service, knowledge, and professionalism is the real deal, and as good at it gets...kudos to Credo!! Joseph A. - Sparks, NV

Joseph A. of Sparks, NV  Nov 5, 2012

I found Credo by doing a Google search for computer services in Reno. I live in Oregon and was trying to help my in-laws who live in Reno and were having computer problems. Eric did a great job solving their problems quickly, professionally, and at a fair price. He kept me apprised by email of what he was doing for them. He did some of the work remotely and some on-site, and even did work on a Sunday at no extra charge. [OWNER EDIT: Sundays are $170/hr.] My in-laws and I were completely satisfied with the service, and would highly recommend Credo to anyone.

Eric H. of Oregon  Nov 5, 2012

All other reviews were spot on! I would highly recommend going to see Eric. He's a very knowledgeable guy with lots of experience and you can tell he truly cares about the service he delivers! Will be using his services from now on! [OWNER EDIT: Alex became an employee on 12-24-12]

Alex C. of Reno, NV  Feb 1, 2012

This company is the best in Northern Nevada hands down!!! They will go the extra mile to ensure your issues are resolved. Its hard to find a good CPU tech/Company. I have found one... Eric can fix any issue in a timely matter. Every other computer repair company in the area has a two week turn around Eric turned my CPU around in 48 hours. Don't make the same mistake I did and waste time and money. Go strait to Credo!!!

Dave of Truckee, CA  Jan 11, 2012

Great people, wonderful prices. VERY HELPFUL. Step by step help if you need it ;)

Tammy of Portola, CA  Jan 3, 2012

Credo Computer Repair owned by Eric, did a great job updating my PC and laptop. I can't believe how fast they are. He did what he said he would do, when he said he would, and for a very reasonable price. He is very generous to non profits, seniors and veterans. We need more businesses to take a stand to help out those that need it most.

Dave of Sun Valley, NV  Dec 14, 2011

Credo is by far the best computer-service business I have dealt with locally. A few months ago I had a pretty major problem that was fixed quickly for a price that was more than fair by market standards. The owner followed up with me regularly to answer any questions I had and give me tips for maintenance. I had another recent problem and he gave me a solution over the phone that worked and didn't ask for a dime. His claims of old-fashioned service and integrity are legitimate. If you have computer problems, call Credo.

Josh Nagel of Reno, NV  Dec 14, 2011

I will definitely return to Credo. Great business! In and out with a brand new video card installed. Works great!

Russ of Reno, NV  Dec 12, 2011

Eric is a very talented computer repair person. He is honest and skilled. He gets it right and is affordable. I always refer to Eric for computer issues.

Dave Asher - Reno/Sparks Local Business Co-Op of Reno, NV  Nov 23, 2011

Credo Computer Repair has a very professional, reliable and fast service. My laptop had viruses and was overheating. I could not afford to be without my computer for more than 24 hours. Credo fixed and cleaned it for me in less than that. The owner also explained to me what needs to be done on a regular basis to maintain your computer and files healthy. Now Credo is servicing both my notebooks and I would rather WAIT for the service from Credo Computers than being helped somewhere else right away.

Unknown Google User of Unknown  Est Aug, 2011

I needed my laptop quickly repaired after I dropped it, and destroyed the HD. Eric got my up and running in no time! Thank you!

Wesley A. of Reno, NV  Aug 8, 2011

Eric at credo was awesome, very knowledgeable. He worked fast to fix the problem with my PC. Very honest, he didn't try and over charge me and he backed his work with a guarauntee. I recommend this to anyone that needs computer related help.

Cameron F. of Reno, NV  Aug 5, 2011

Credo Computer Repair and Services Does very Good work I highly recommend them.

Max Carter of Walkers Window Cleaning of Reno, NV  Aug 1, 2011

Very honest and fairly priced. I'll use them again.

Frederick W. of Reno, NV  June 12, 2011

Eric has come to my house three times in the last 6 months to save my computer from problems it's been having. He has always come within a very reasonable time from when I called him, and within minutes he's solved the problem and got me back to a very important part of my day to day life. I am 65 and have been on SS disability for 7 years and having a computer has allowed me to keep up with news from all over the world and keep in touch with friends and relatives online. I used to have a tech that helped fix gliches on my computer and was being charged $75 and hour, and a couple of times took 2-3 hours. That was enough of that, and then I found Eric's ad for Credo Computers. He's honest, fast, and gets the job done completely and quickly, and the prices are VERY reasonable. He's always friendly and yesterday he mentioned that if ever I needed help with things I have a hard time physically doing, he would be more than happy to come and help me. His theme of Pay It Forward is a true testament of this young man's work ethic. I highly recommend Eric and Credo Computers for any type of service any one needs on their computers.

John B. of Reno, NV  May 19, 2011

Credo did a terrific job fixing my company computer. Eric is honest and affordable and got the job done quickly. I'll never use anyone else for my computer needs. Credo is definitely aptly named.

Ian Callhan of CalFlex Window Cleaning of Sparks, NV  Apr 28, 2011

I just had the pleasure of becoming a client of Eric Johnson of Credo Computers and experiencing first-hand how fair and honest he is when providing service. He took the time to shop around for the best prices available for the parts needed to repair a laptop of mine. He charged a very modest fee for his services, including pick up and drop off. His fast response time to my inquiry and the turn around time for the repair were impressive. Eric offers fair, affordable service and believes in 'Paying I.T. Forward' using support from his regular business and residential customers to help those in need, including Seniors / Disabled / Veterans / Non-Profits.

Tele Raack of Tele Raack, LMT of Reno, NV  Mar 15, 2011

I'm new to the area and looked at reviews online to find a good computer repair service that wouldn't break me. I'm so glad I went with Credo because the service I got went above and beyond what I expected. My computer had virus protection but was hit with a bad one that got through somehow and ended up shutting it down completely. I couldn't even get into safe mode, and was one step away from buying a new computer. Eric removed the hard drive, scanned it, removed the virus, saved all my data and restored it to good-as-new condition (that's the simple version of everything he did!). In addition he installed better virus protection, created back-up discs, and gave me a nice folder to keep everything in.

new2reno of Reno, NV  Jan 9, 2011

The mission of Credo Computers is to Pay I.T. Forward to all those who serve, and owner Eric Johnson does just that. I am a teacher, and when my laptop was stolen midway during the semester, I wasn't sure how I was going to grade my college students' English papers. I had seen Credo Computers on Twitter and Facebook and decided to give them a call. Eric was willing to let me borrow a PC (which he said is something he doesn't normally do) for as long as I needed it and at a price that was more than reasonable. Not only did he deliver the machine to me at my office, but when I was done with it, he picked it up from my house. Eric is friendly and professional, and I highly recommend anyone who is having computer problems (or who doesn't want to have computer problems) to get in touch with Eric at Credo Computers. His prices are fair, his services are professional, and he's just an all-around nice guy.

Michelle M. of Reno, NV  Dec 31, 2010

Eric at Credo Computer Repair & Services was extremely helpful and courteous. I called in the morning asking about virus removal, and Eric immediately started working on my computer. I was able to watch everything he did, and he provided simple and concise explanations about everything. He ran multiple virus scans to check and double check that everything was removed from my computer, and Credo also offers a guarantee on their work. Eric also went above and beyond to give me free virus programs, advice on virus protection, and found me the best deal on more memory for my system when he noticed that mine was low. I cannot say enough good things about Credo Computer Repair & Services. I will certainly turn to them in the future when computer problems arise, and would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Amber P. of Reno, NV  Dec 19, 2010

wow what service! being a small bussiness owner you know service & honesty this is the company

John T. of Reno, NV  Dec 10, 2010

Hands-down Outstanding service! Eric drove out to meet me twice in Sparks. My Acer was not working and I suspected the cooling fan. Eric did all of the research, ordered the fan, and installed it all for a killer price. Then, because he had extra memory laying around, he installed additional RAM for free! Trustworthy and customer focused does not do Credo justice. I will go to them again with any of my computing needs. Top notch!

Justin C. of Fernley, NV  Sep 2, 2010

Talk about a great guy! Eric is a person who goes the extra mile and then some!! We were referred by a friend; we called and he came right over; he tried repairing our old computer, but we ended up ordering another one and while we waited for it to be delivered, Eric offered a loaner until it arrived. He set up all our software and was very generous with his time to get us started on our new pc. He is the most giving, honest and sincere person; plus he knows his business! No problem that came up would stop him, his computer knowledge is incredible. We feel we can call him and ask him any questions we may have, he is never too busy to speak with us. We highly recommend CREDO Computer Repair and Services.

Marjorie Gwyn of Reno, NV  Jun 12, 2010

Eric did a great job with my laptop problem. He gave me detailed instructions on fixing my issues and offered several suggestions to prevent the problem in the future. I appreciate that he didn't belittle my problem. He gave it just as much attention as he would have a critical issue. Thanks Credo Repair! You'll be the first one I call next time I need help!

Michelle L. of Florida  Aug 16, 2010

My wife and I are a retired couple who recently experienced some computer related problems. When I called Eric at Credo Computer, he responded immediately to our problem by coming to our house to resolve the issue plus cleaning up some other potential problems. On another occassion,he also was able to help us with a another computer issue by phone. I found Eric to be courteous, professional, and exceeded our expectations with his personal service and great attitude! Ron and Sharon Babey

Ron B. of Washoe City, NV  Aug 16, 2010




Every time I bring my computer to Credo, the services that are performed are very efficient and leave me feeling very optimistic about returning. As I am a frequent computer user, I am very happy of my computer's upgraded performance and remarkable stability. Thanks Credo! Keep up the good work guys!!

Russel S of Reno, NV  Mar 19, 2012

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