Marketing Offerings

Beyond creating great websites, we help you continue the journey by bringing people to your site, and continuing to connect with them until they are a loyal customer.

Integrated Web Marketing

We take an “integrated” approach to web marketing, meaning we look at all the different marketing channels on the web together, including your website, search engine marketing, social media, and email marketing. We focus on fitting your unique business and communication style with tools for an online campaign that’s right for you.

Integrated Web Marketing
In order to choose the right integrated tools, we run every campaign with 3 basic steps:
Listen - Plan - Implement
1. Listen

Taking a bigger look at your sales and marketing first, as well as trends in your industry and your audience.
2. Plan

Setting goals for your marketing, THEN choosing tools (like Facebook or Search Engine marketing), and planning a campaign by focusing on opportunities we found during our "Listening" research
3. Implement

And finally...we will be ready to deliver (ie. make posts to Facebook or optimize webpages for SEO)
Whether you need marketing to be completely managed and delivered for you, in a way that reflects your business and knowledge, but don't have the time to handle it yourself, or whether you have a team that just needs a little direction and some specialty services like online ads management, keyword research, or email marketing segmentation, we have packages for any level of service, from training and consulting to full management.
Social Capital is what we like to call the currency of the new web. Think about all of the conversations that you have from day to day. During your interactions you pick up various bits and pieces that are actually “worth” sharing with other friends and colleagues. We call these worthy bits and pieces Social Capital. They are deemed as significant enough to share with others for a reason. We help you find your social capital, and make it easy, possible, and effective to deliver it!


Once your secure, speedy, and pretty site is done, it becomes a marketing tool. We consider how the content of your site, the organization, the design, and the optimization all play into your success in getting new leads and sales from the web.


Search engine marketing is another leg of the stool, because its where you "outrank" the competition, where you answer the questions your potential customers type into search engines, and where you customers doing research before they buy will either see you as the "big dog" that shows up everywhere, or where you disappear. Services range from keyword research, to site optimization, strategy and training, to content management, interviews for fresh content, backlinks, reviews, and ads management.


With a little finesse, social media can show off your personality and build trust, create a community, support sales and build your network connections, introduce you to new customers, help word of mouth, or educate current customers and build loyalty. Our services range from campaign research and strategy, to full campaign management and specialty experience in ads management.


Email marketing can be one of the easiest ways to connect with past customers, interested leads, or industries and communities. But its takes some thought to get beyond a basic newsletter, and start making targeted content dynamically delivered to people based on their habits and preferences. We offer services from Evoke email, one of the most user-friendly systems for basic and advanced email marketing. View incredible reporting with maps and charts, and set up automated campaigns based on your blog, a series of education lessons, or other factors. Our services include campaign design, setup, strategy, training, and delivery.
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