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There is more going on with desktops than viruses and operating system errors when it comes to desktop repair. There are heat issues, blown capacitors, dust, bad power supplies, failed memory, video card problems, and hard disk drive problems; to name a few. Whatever your desktop problems are, we can sort it out. Computer diagnostics start at $25.

A few tips to keep your desktop PC running for a long time:

  • Keep your PC dust free. This means blowing out the inside of the computer case at least every three months or sooner if your computer is in a dusty environment.
  • Do *not* keep your PC on the floor of your home or office. Just moving your feet stirs up dust, pet hair, carpet fibers or the like and your computer sucks them in, creating issues with the computer fans, and other elements. This can cause overheating and possible electrical shorts from foreign materials.
  • PCs are not meant to last a lifetime. It’s smart, and often less stressful, to budget for a new computer every 3-5 years.
  • Surge protectors and Battery backup units (UPS | Uninterruptible Power Supplies) are your friends and allies combatting not only power spikes/surges, and sudden power loss, but they also help with keeping your data safe and secure and do not cost much. Just be sure to replace the battery in a UPS every three years under normal use and a surge protector every five years.
  • BACK UP please! Most people do realize that a computer can stop working at any time. It could be a power surge, an accidental drop from a desk, a friend that has overstayed their welcome, or a virus, but your pictures, documents, and other computer-related items are just too important to not backup. Computer hard disk issues also occur unexpectedly and can cost $350-900+, if not more, to recover if the hard disk drive has mechanically failed.

Do you have more ideas on how to protect a desktop? Send us a message.

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