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When it comes to your data, the best course of action is to backup. A backup is a duplicate. The best way to backup is to store your backup off-site, away from the original or working data. If you’re backing up your data on an external hard disk drive that is always connected to the computer, or device, that you are backing up then you are asking for disaster. Think of water, fire, theft, a car running into your desk. Things happen. If you are taking that hard disk off-site, then pat yourself on the back (but don’t drop your backup while you do). Now, does that backup have versions of your files? If you accidentally deleting everything in a document and backed up the “empty” document, will you have an older version that has the data? Some of the local backup software applications do this for you. Some don’t. We can tell you that Carbonite does keep versions of your files for up to three months.

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If you don’t backup, refuse to backup, or just didn’t think about backing up and your hard disk drive fails you can send it out for data recovery. Even drives damaged in a fire have a chance of recovery. The problem is that it can be expensive. The facilities that perform data recovery need to be 100% particulate free. This means that not even one tiny piece of dust can float about while they work. These facilities, even the modular (box-type) can be expensive to run and maintain. If it becomes that time where you need to ship a hard disk drive off for data recovery then you can count on us to help you. One tip: Check with insurance agent to see if data recovery is covered in your package, it may also fall under damage or repairs.

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