Uh-oh! It just happened to you.

All of those family photos, years of taxes, your mid-terms, or that big report for the boss – lost. Well, we can help with that.
For most hard drives that are still working, spinning, whirring, and are not click-click-clicking, we can recover your data in our shop*. Including accidental format, deletion, or some mild bruising. For drives that no longer show up, fade in and out, or have the “click-of-death” we send to our recovery partner: DriveSavers.
Be sure to remember your discount code: DS27069.


*What Credo Technology Group can do is called Tier I hard disk and data recovery. Tier I is when a hard drive does not need to be taken apart. This applies to accidental format or partitioning of a hard disk drive, accidental file deletion, a failing drive that is still “showing up.” We can also recover most flash drives that are not broken and also have a partner that can take care of the ones we cannot. If the hard disk drive needing data recovery has been subjected to a drop or a fall we have partners that can help recover your data. If you have a flash drive that has been broken we can also help recover your data starting at $200. Does not include Monolithic Flash Drives (the tiny ones, on key chains, or SD cards, and the like). Read here about Monolithic (COB) drives.

Need data on a USB flash drive or thumb drive recovered?

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