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We've given away over a dozen desktop PCs to disabled veterans. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to know when we are gifting another PC.
After all, part of our creed is to "Pay I.T. Forward."

Why choose us?

What does Credo mean?
Pronounced ˈkrēdō,ˈkrādō or kree-dough. A credo is a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions. Our credo, our belief, is that we serve our clients and their goals, not the website, the design, or the computers, but YOU. Technology is cold enough, but we're humans, here to help other humans.

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We call and email you back!
We strive to be the best in web design and I.T., and we believe we need to be the best in customer service to achieve that goal! We always call and email our clients back. Afterall, we work for YOU!
We do more than make it look good.
When we create a site we make sure to make it SEO friendly, and include the right keywords on every page so you can be found on search engines, pay less for PPC advertising, and have the functionality that your clients will love.
Everything under one roof.
We can provide everything you need to make your business profitable. A website to show credibility. SEO to have the site be found. SEM for advertising. Logo design and branding to be recognized. Computer installs, maintenance, repair, antivirus solutions, backup plans, and anything that can help increase productivity and decrease down time.

Some of Our Work

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  • Trifox, LLC
    Trifox, LLC
    Las Trojes Mexican Food
  • Website Design in Reno for Lahontan Geoscience, Inc
    Lahontan Geoscience, Inc
  • Website
    Spifco Floor Care (Specialty Cleaning)
  • Web snip of Via Seating, Inc's new website
    Via Seating, Inc.
  • A website screenshot of created by Credo Technology Group, LLC
    Café de Thai Restaurant & Bar
  • A website screenshot of created by Credo Technology Group, LLC
    Enhanced Electrical Services
  • Reno Specialty Storage
    Reno Specialty Storage
  • Reno Dent Removal
    Reno Dent Removal
  • Thompson Tires
    Thompson Tires


  • Large Capital A with a star in the middle and red banners to the left and right, like a flag. Silhouette of a cityscape at the bottom and behind with Allco Construction, Inc spelled out on the very bottom.
  • Via Seating with TM spelled out with a large via over smaller seating. Via has an orange circle to dot the i.
  • Thai bowl with abstract steam on top with cafe de thai restaurant and bar spelled out below in different sizes and font weights. Everything is a darker orange color.
  • A capital H and B together with a medical plus cut out and Health Benefits Associates spelled out in two lines beneath
  • A blue abstract pyramid with a shadowed side and E E S below.
  • Radcliffe Painting Logo
  • The team at Credo Technology Group was absolutely wonderful. I went in to ask a question and they ended up redoing all kinds of things on my computer. Found out it wasn't my computer that had the problem but my previous email provider. They fixed the problem and I am so grateful. 100's of kudos to this wonderful group of technicians.
  • If you have computer issues Credo is the place to contact first. Eric and his staff are friendly, computer savvy and they fix the problem as promised!! Credo has my recommendation and continued business.
  • I've used Credo Technology Group for all of my computer repairs, as well as, IT for my business. They maintain a high quality of service and have repaired or debugged my personal and business computers. I wouldn't take my computers to anyone else!
  • Alejandro deserves 10 stars, not 5. He is the epitome of professionalism, knowledge, and reliability. We always call Credo Technology for all of our computer needs and it's a guarantee that we will receive nothing less than excellent service! Thank you, Alejandro! We would be lost without you!
  • There's times in life that you find a service company that is gem. I left a review a couple of years ago, but because Credo Technology Group has continued to perform top quality service for not only my personal computer but, now my business computer, as well as other family members computers, I need to update this review. Eric and the staff have, from day one, provided exceptional service...  [Read the Full Review at Yelp] - Nov 23, 2014 - Reno, NV
  • Super reliable and go the extra mile!
  • If you are ever in a time of stress over a computer melt down...these are the guys to call!! They will save your day. They are great to work with and they know their business!  THANK YOU so so much!!
  • We have used Credo for almost a year now. Our experience with other IT providers was, to say the least, dissatisfying. We hold nothing but the highest regard for Credo computers. We have a dedicated technician, Alejandro, who is always available for us. We have a server, over 25 computers and complex needs. I highly recommend Credo for everything you may need!
  • Thank you Alejandro! You came out and resolved our computer issues in record time! We love you guys at Credo Technology Group!!!!!
  • I cannot say enough about the good jobs Credo and Alejandro have done for me. I am a bit technologically challenged. Most times I muddled through minor troubles that my grandkids chuckle about--but when I really need help Alejandro comes through for me . He arrives on time, is extremely polite and knowledgeable--fixes all my problems and then makes good suggestions about avoiding future mishaps and recommends software that is understandable and works. I was really struggling with Windows 8 on my new computer and Alejandro saved the day for me. I bought 4 books on Windows 8 and struggled for weeks with them. I was up and running in less than 15 minutes. I love the guy. Mike Hess
  • When I have computer problems, I always go to Credo! They are very friendly and helpful. Even without an appointment, they make room to help as soon as possible. They will come get your device or work on it from wherever you're at. Not only is their service excellent, but they educate you and give great advice on computers. They're great, local and take my time very seriously!
  • These guys are AWESOME!!! They take a personal interest in your issues. They are very experienced, great to work with, and personable. Eric is very fair and extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. I couldn't ask for a better place to trust my computers.
  • I highly recommend Credo Technology Group! Alejandro fixed my computer issues quickly and efficiently! His service was very friendly and he took the time to educate me on my issues. Every time I work with him he goes the extra mile for me and for this I am extremely grateful. I have a bookkeeping business so computer issues for me are very serious. I will be recommending Credo Technology Group and Alejandro to all of my clients!
  • The BEST! No other shop in the area provides the high level of service that Alejandro provides. He just installed a refurbished desktop using Ubuntu as an OS and we are blown away. Credo's advice is always on the mark. Alejandro is a very special person and incredible to work with. Thanks for your help!
  • Credo is the best!  They've helped us with techno issues many times and always with good results.  They're professional, prompt and knowledgeable.  I recommend them to anyone who is having computer issues!  I'll be a customer forever.
  • Eric and his staff are competent and don't use "geek speak" when they come to help our small business grow.  We have used several other technology firms in the past and this one is the best, I can without reservation recommend them, they are the BEST!
  • YUP! What you read about these guys is true. They will get it done for you I brought in two very old laptops  with very little RAM like 256 mb I think. These machines were beat. there wasn't much that could be done you can't even get parts for them anymore (some times you just have to bite the bullet and accept your machine should be put down.) I brought them back several times hoping they could be brought up to "speed" but basically these things wouldn't even boot up anymore, they at least got them running better and They never charged me for the extra time they wasted on these things  these fellows really backed up their work. I also brought in my 11yr. old PC it's been repaired twice by others. It was running very slow, it couldn't do more than one thing at a time, and would take 10 minutes to boot up the usual stuff. Less than a day they got it running and performing as well as can be expected. It  boots up in less than five minutes now. And doesn't even make all of those scary noises like it used. All the work was explained and done in a timely fashion. And Affordably.
  • Eric and Alejandro are the absolute best!!! I have used them twice already and have been telling everyone how great they are. I am a small business and I can't go without my computer. The first time I had a problem with my monitor. Eric told me how to fix it over the telephone. That's great service and I didn't hesitate to call again when I switched to a new router and my printer wouldn't work. Alejandro came and fixed it in a couple of seconds. I also have an old printer that works great but somehow I lost the cord. Yes, I am blonde!! Alejandro e-mailed me all the information and website to order it from. I can't say enough about them. Just so nice, smart, and polite.
  • I have been a client of Alejandro Sabogal for a few years and each contact with him has been informative and extremely pleasant! It is unusual to be able to call on an expert in any field and have them answer the phone. Alejandro always does and is always busy when one calls but he will return your call as soon as he us free to do so. There have been occasions when I have called early in the morning finding that my computer had been hacked and Alejandro immediately resolved the problem. I have learnt much from Alejandro.I have a lot to learn about computers and am grateful to Alejandro for his gentle and patient explanations which gave increased my understanding. It has been my experience that whenever I gave had the need to call Credo,anyone answering the phone is able to resolve any questions you have and should you need service at your home or business,there is no time delay. I really feel that the consultation charges are reasonable too! All in all,I would not hesitate to recommend Alejandro and Credo Computers to anyone looking for knowledgeable and efficient computer experts.
  • Eric and Alejandro and Credo Technology are the best of the best. I have called upon them many times when my computer was having issues. They were quick to respond, very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. They even followed up with me to make sure things were running smoothly! I love these guys!
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this Company!!! As a small business owner who has to have a computer to run, any minute problem and I can't function. They are right there always to help me at the drop of a hat! Thank you Alejandro and your team for being sooooo incredibly helpful!!
  • My son first told me about Credo when I needed computer repairs. What a find !!!! Very refreshing to find a small boutique style business with state of the art skills.I took a chance and have been sold on their abilities to solve almost any problem or website needs.This best kept secret will be out soon.
    Mark B.
  • This company has been more than faithful, trustworthy and on time! we highly recommend them to all of our friends and neighbors.
  • These folks are awesome. Great communication, very knowledgeable and very good pricing. Don't make the mistake of taking your computer to the chain stores!
    Nick D.
  • This is a great local company.  They do awesome work for a fair price.  I highly recommend! - Mar 1, 2013 - Reno, NV
  • Credo Computer Repair provides our computer support quickly and efficiently.  They are professional and so helpful with helping me understand how and why this I.T. stuff works, without over complicating it.  Their pricing is very reasonable and they are honest about what is needed and what is not.  Thanks guys! - Nov 5, 2012 - Reno, NV
  • Alejandro and Eric at Credo Computer repair are nothing short of amazing.  I have a small Fingerprinting business in Reno and had spent thousands of dollars with another I.T. company to set up our network. Come to find out the other guys set up our I.T. to fault so I would have to keep calling them to come fix it.  I realized this years later and couldn't believe anyone would do that!  I read all the positive reviews about Credo Computer repair and called them to see if they could help us.  They come immediately when we call them, they are so helpful and nice.  They don't try to up sell products and services I don't need.  They fix our problem correctly the first time!  These are stand up guys that deserve your business.   They are literally good guys and I highly recommend. - Nov 5, 2012 - Reno, NV
  • Eric at Credo Computer Repair and Services has helped me fix my Laptops and home PCs 3 times in the past 12 months, each time a different computer. He came to our home and picked up the computer and returned it repaired the next day. I've emailed him and called twice on the weekends (even a Sunday) and each time he responded within 15 minutes.. As a sales/marketing/CS professional for 25+ years, I can honestly say that Eric's service, knowledge, and professionalism is the real deal, and as good at it gets...kudos to Credo!! - Nov 5. 2012 - Sparks, NV
  • Eric is amazing! He has helped me numerous times with my computer problems. He is a true professional and is always able to solve my issues in a timely manner at a reasonable price. The first time I worked with him my computer had a terrible virus. He was able to fix my computer and provided a number of preventative measures to ensure that it would never happen again! You can expect great service from a genuinely nice and caring individual. - Mar 25, 2012 - Reno, NV
  • My experience with Credo Computers far exceeded my expectations, even after being referred through glowing word-of-mouth reviews. Eric is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and efficient. It's clear that his concern for customers is genuine and that their satisfaction is his number one priority. Service is provided promptly and at very reasonable rates. Highly recommended! - Mar 21, 2012 - Reno, NV
  • Every time I bring my computer to Credo, the services that are performed are very efficient and leave me feeling very optimistic about returning.  As I am a frequent computer user, I am very happy of my computer's upgraded performance and remarkable stability.  Thanks Credo!  Keep up the good work guys!! - Mar 19, 2012 - Reno, NV


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