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Unfortunately Reno Dent Removal’s owner moved to Texas and recreated his company down there and changed their site. We keep this item up because it was a huge success.

Reno Dent Removal needed some help with SEO and web design and development. They had already tried to create their own site after buying their domain from GoDaddy and unsuccessfully put up a “website tonight” site. They had very, very little exposure and were not showing up on the web in a higher search-result bracket. We gave them a better web presence by getting some before and after photos put into the new site and adding SEO. Also, SEO exposure to the local market stressing the fact that this service is mobile (they come to you), was paramount when creating this site.

Here is what the owner of this company had to say about his new,  totally redeveloped and designed website:

“Just wanted to let you know that I am so thankful for the work you did. Never before has my phone lit up the way it does now. I am so busy, I actually find it difficult to keep up at times! Thank you for making that difference for my business.”