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Tune and Protect

From: $24.00 / month

Anti-Malware Software, Active Monitoring, Monthly Tune-Ups
(Windows Only)

Get it all in one monthly plan:

  • Regular Tune-ups
  • Managed Anti-Malware by Emsisoft
  • More Monitoring Features
  • Discounts up to 25% on services
  • Unlimited Malware Removal

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Product Description

Save 10% with an Annual Plan – That’s more than one month free.

Anti-Malware Software, Active Monitoring, Monthly Tune-Ups
(Windows Only)

  • 24/7 Built-in Contact Form
  • Health Warning  Pop-up Alerts
  • Quick Support via  Teamviewer
  • Discounts up to 25% on services

Virus and Malware Protection

  • Anti-Malware Software
  • Malware Removals Included

Monthly Tune-Ups

  • Monthly Tune-Ups of your System
  • Software Removal (Ask before cleanup**)
  • Browser Cookies and Cache
  • Hard Disk Defrag – as needed
  • Make sure Windows and Office Updates are Installed and Up to Date

Monitoring & Alerts

  • — Tech Monitoring Alerts —
  • Alerts Sent Directly to Us for:
  • Anti-Virus Turned Off
  • Firewall Turned Off
  • Windows Crashes (BSOD)
  • Application Crashes
  • Device/Driver Issues
  • Hard Disk Health (S.M.A.R.T.)
  • Hard Disk Fragmentation
  • Hard Disk Space Low
  • User Logins/Logoffs (Ask to enable**)
  • Computer Locked/Unlocked (Ask to enable**)
  • Computer Renamed
  • Shutdown Operations
  • Installs and Updates
  • Software Installed
  • Software Uninstalled
  • Windows Updates Installed
  • Printer Events
  • Network Actions