Ever hear the crunch of a flash drive as it breaks?

It doesn’t sound like a potato chip.

If you have heard this gut-wrenching sound, and the flash drive is no longer accessible, we may be able to help.Superhero looking guy with a lightning bolt on his chest. We’ve partnered up with a wonderful company that can help ease the pain in your stomach.
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Not all flash drives can be recovered and those tiny little ones (Monolithic*) are near impossible, but if the drive has suddenly stopped working, you’ve crushed it a bit, the USB “head” broke off, or it’s just acting funny, these guys can help. Just bring it into our shop and we’ll give it a quick check. Sometimes we can work a little magic ourselves. But if we can’t get it done here then we send it off to the flash drive recovery experts at FlashDrivePros.com

Need a hard disk drive recovered?

* Does not include Monolithic Flash Drives (the tiny ones, on key chains, or SD cards, and the like). Read about Monolithic (COB) drives.
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