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Gmail with your own domain name, branding, control, and no advertisements. Starting with 30GB* of space.
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Google Calendar provides the easiest calendar sharing and delegation without a need for 3rd party applications.
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Google Contacts makes it easy to sync all of your contacts, to all of your devices, easily.
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Google Drive makes sharing files within your organization simple, easy, and secure.
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Google Docs makes collaboration the easiest ever. Share documents and make live changes together.
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Google Sheets, like Docs, makes collaboration easy but in a very robust spreadsheet program!
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Google Slides is your online, collaborative, presentation maker. Easy to use, easy to share, easy to present.
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Google Forms is an easy and robust way to gather data from your organization or clients.
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Google Sites makes lunchroom billboards a thing of the past. Collaborate internally or externally.
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Google Groups is email for groups, or online forums for your company and/or clients.
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Google Hangouts is text, images, video for office communication or with the world.
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Google Vault** is email and data retention. Never worry about employees deleting emails.
*30GB is shared per an account between Gmail and Drive. Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides or items shared with you don’t count toward your storage space. Storage upgrades are available or you can upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited.
**Google Vault costs extra but is included with Google Apps Unlimited.
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