Laptop on fire? Now won’t turn on?

You may have overheated for too long. We may be able to help.

Laptop burning with fire on white backgroundWhat exactly are we talking about when we say reballing and reflowing? In a nutshell, these are terms used in the electronics industry for re-working solder connections on electronic components that are attached to printed circuit boards.

Why? Sometimes a circuit board that would otherwise seem dead may only be experiencing a solder defect. By reheating and re-melting the solder the flow of electricity can be restored and the circuit board begins working again. In a nutshell.

How do solder defects happen? Overheating in the laptop is the most common occurrence. Solder is soft has a relatively low melting point, causing it to be susceptible to fracturing or delamination from its attached surface. When a soldered connection fractures or delaminates from the surface the electrical current cannot flow and the circuit will stop working.

soldering on laptopWhile this technique can have a high success rate it is also prone to unknown failures. Overheating can physically damage components too. These unseen damaged parts are not always apparent. So no guarantee of workability can be given here. In other words, it is a gamble.

At Credo Technology Group, LLC we have ways of reflowing or reballing the solder to the chipsets. This is one of the services that we do not charge for if there is no success, nor can we give our typical guarantee if it fails again down the road. However, we will attempt the endeavor a second time at no additional charge.

Of course, you’ll need to get your laptop to us. Our computer repair shop is near Reno, NV and located at 385 Freeport Blvd Suite #1, Sparks, NV 89431. If you require a pick-up and delivery service we can do that too. For a $15 flat rate inside of the Reno/Sparks Metro. $1 per mile outside, we will gladly come to you and pick up your computer.

Once your laptop is on our repair bench, we’ll get started on getting your laptop fixed and properly working again.

Give us a call at 775-636-8378 and we’ll discuss your laptops problems and how we can quickly get your laptop back to you and running once again.

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