Why would my computer get hacked?

Here’s why.  A hacked pc or server can be used for multiple nefarious activities. Would you even know if your server, stuck back in the closet, was serving spam […]

Data loss will happen.

Is this your company’s plan? C’mon Man! Credo Technology Group can help you figure out a real plan to prevent data loss and disasters.  Call us […]

Google Overhauls Gmail to Take On E-Mail Overload

On Wednesday, Google introduced a new in-box design for its e-mail service, Gmail. In a blog post announcing the new design, the company said it wanted to help […]
Man out of focus on focused laptop on wooden picnic table with phone, notepad, and coffee at his side.

Developing and Maintaining a Successful Website

Here are some questions to ask yourself when developing and maintaining a new website: 1. What are my goals for the site? It’s important to know […]