Internet Explorer 8 is Vulnerable (No more Windows XP)

Not even a month has gone by since Windows XP’s retirement and the exploits have already begun to surface. The latest attack on the Windows software does not just affect XP, but ALL VERSIONS OF WINDOWS.

Heartbleed – Nope, not yo’ Valentine.

  PASSWORD TIME!!!!!! Time to change them, that is…. I am going to keep this as simple as I can: Go change your passwords. All of […]
Windows XP Support Ends April 8, 2014

Would you run naked in public?

Your day to run naked in public is April 8, 2014. End of Life for: Windows XP, Office/Outlook 2003, and Exchange Server 2003. There has been […]
Laptop with heavy chain and padlock.

Cryptic? No, It’s Pretty Dang Clear. Not even Reno, NV is safe.

The new threat called CryptoLocker is destroying computer data files such as pictures, videos, MS Word documents, and the like rendering them completely useless. But don't PAY!!!!!!! You still won't get your files back.