Child Safety on the Internet and more.

Protecting children from the negative parts of the Internet isn't easy and a program alone won't do it but it is a start. Read on about implementing a free Family Safety program and how to create a 'contract' with your children about the use of the Internet, games, and more.

Why not install more than one Anti-Virus?

The question is not so much as to why - as I have never been on the crap end of the ten foot long virus stick - but why not? If the programs will get along, and there are few that do, then why not have yourself some extra protection at a low cost? Surf safe.

How much did you pay for your computer?

It doesn't matter if you just bought your computer or if you've had your computer for some time; you need to keep it protected, keep your data protected, and your personal information protected. Did I mention protection? Here's a checklist in no certain order: