So, I decided – or rather the geek in me decided – to try something new and I installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) and SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS) on top of my avast!. (Yes: avast!.) The question is not so much as to why – as I have never been on the crap end of the ten foot long virus stick – but why not? For the past 12 hours (and this post in itself will cover a longer period of time) I have not received one hiccup from Windows. They run when I download, they run when I install, they run for pleasure, they run… in circles? However, the point is that over the years I have found that the free versions of all three have held their water when it comes to the torch of viruses, malware, Trojans and the similar. Why not install all three ‘Professional’ / ‘Licensed’ / ‘Subscription’ based programs and see how they interact with one another with “real time/active” scanning. I won’t visit the porn sites but I do know of some quite malicious programs and websites out there. Let’s see what happens.

The beginning of Day 2:

After making sure that all three programs would get along I felt it was time to put them to the test. First we’re going to visit some infected websites. Yes, websites themselves can be infected and spread the issue to your computer. You don’t have to download a file; just leave yourself vulnerable.

We’re going to texaswhitetailfever-dot-com (don’t even think about, I will not be held responsible). Whamo! Chrome halts and MBAM steps in.

Chrome halting

MBAM Snip catching the website.

If you’re able to read the pop-up from MBAM it says the “Process: avastsvc.exe” which is avast! plugged into the browser. This is normal and confirmed. Let’s visit the same site with MBAM turned off. Nothing happens except the same message from Chrome and Firefox. I will not use Internet Explorer as it has too many security faults.

Every known website with an issue, virus, or malicious code responded the same way. Malwarebytes would block it but it was impossible to know what was happening without it turned on.

As far as SAS. It has not so much as made a peep. I know how well it works as a first scan on a potentially infected PC but I am unsure of its ‘real-time protection’ at this time.

I was unable to find an infected file and the few that I have had (yes, I knew I had them) have been automatically removed by avast! on my Windows Home Server over time.

I will keep this article up to date as I find out more. Also to note: Microsoft Security Essentials and avast! also work together nicely. There is nothing wrong with having extra protection but do know that McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky Pro and the similar will NOT work together. There are few AntiVirus programs that will work together and it’s good that there are because each program seeks out malicious codes differently then its competitor.

Surf Safe. Be virus free. If you would like some free help to get rid of a virus visit Credo Computer Repair and Services on Facebook.

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
Co-Owner and founder of Credo Technology Group, LLC, Eric has been working with computers since the mid 80's and enjoys helping people become free of their technological stress.

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