You are sitting at your computer and a strange window pops up saying that your computer is infected. The idea of clicking on it scares you because it says it is an anti-virus program but something does not look quite right. What will happen if you click the window? What will happen if you just close the window?

You just received an e-mail with an important document. You cannot open the document and are unsure on how to proceed. What is your next step?

You need to upload a few photos to Walgreen’s or some other store’s online printing site so your child or parent in another state can pick up some printed photos. The interface is confusing and it is difficult to browse your computer for the photos. Do you just give up?

You have a report due the next day and your new printer is not installing correctly. Do you continue to stress and feel you need to run to the nearest print store?

For as little as $21.25 for the first 15 minutes, or $1.42 per minute after we offer ‘Per-Minute Billing’ via our remote tech support because we do not believe it’s ethical to charge for a full hour of service for things that take so little time. Most often, we can start helping you within moments without having to schedule an appointment. The best part: If you call us and we can assist you over the phone [775.636.8378], via e-mail [], Twitter, or Facebook there is never a charge.

We charge in 15 minute increments and we stop the clock if we can “walk-away” or while performing virus scans. Online support is also available nationally and not limited to Northern Nevada. (Yes, we have senior, disabled, veteran, student, and other discounts available!)

Do you want to learn more about our online tech support?

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
Co-Owner and founder of Credo Technology Group, LLC, Eric has been working with computers since the mid 80's and enjoys helping people become free of their technological stress.


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