PC cleanup scammer calls Microsoft Malware Protection Center expert. Hilarity ensues.

IT World – March 13, 2013 What’s a bad day for a scammer selling bogus Windows PC clean up services? How about accidentally dialing a guy […]
Virus Infection

Is my computer infected?

You keep hearing it, reading it, and if you've been unfortunate, you have seen it. Malware is malicious software with a few other names, such as: Adware, Spyware, Scare-ware, and Fake-ware (such as a Fake Antivirus or Fake AV). It's not always easy to know if your computer is infected by a virus, Trojan Horse, or some malware. Have a quick read to see if any of these items ring true.

Not your 90’s 1-900 line.

You are sitting at your computer and a strange window pops up saying that your computer is infected. The idea of clicking on it scares you […]