What Antivirus Program to Choose?

In today’s land of viruses, malware, adware, trojans, worms, hackers, crackers (no, not the racial slur), and companies that do not keep up on their own […]

Not your 90’s 1-900 line.

You are sitting at your computer and a strange window pops up saying that your computer is infected. The idea of clicking on it scares you […]

Whoa! Smaller can be better…

…when scanning those photos. Be kind to who you e-mail files to and keep the files small. Small files will also upload faster to places like Facebook.

Child Safety on the Internet and more.

Protecting children from the negative parts of the Internet isn't easy and a program alone won't do it but it is a start. Read on about implementing a free Family Safety program and how to create a 'contract' with your children about the use of the Internet, games, and more.